Boson Energy

Boson Energy

Core business

Boson Energy develops and delivers future-proof impact technology for energy, waste, water, and (e)mobility solutions.

Affordable distributed co-generation solutions based on solid fuels – with system design criteria for high availability.

True In My Back Yard (IMBY) solutions that build local resilience and prosperity in both developed and developing markets.

Products & services

Distrubuted co-generation systems running on solid fuels (1-7 MWe + 2-15 MWth), island solutions, modular utility solutions, seasonal geothermal storage, cold-grid district heating, seawater based district cooling, plasma assisted gasification of waste.


Technical / technological capabilities

Biomass and biomass supply chain; solid fuels including various wastes (industrial, MSW, RDF) and coal; carbonization; gasification; combustion efficiency; air pollution control; design and engineering of thermal systems and cooling systems, district heating and cooling systems; industrial development; island solutions; distributed energy resources; hydro-power, SCM; commissioning and commercialization.


Main customers / collaborations

Boson Energy is a developer and owner of proprietary technology, but also an integrator of solutions. Boson Energy has built up an extensive network of partners; global brands as well as global niche leaders – both on the technology side and the execution side.

Boson Energy ’s key partner is Paul Wurth S.A. (SMS group); shareholder and global leader in high temperature engineering, development, and execution. Boson Energy’s engineering team is fully integrated with Paul Wurth. Boson Energy also benefits from Paul Wurth’s global market foot print and 145 year history as a credible and highly competent execution partner.

Boson Energy also cooperates closely with the global niche leaders SAB, and Apateq - both Luxembourg companies.

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The IMBY Company


Jan Grimbrandt

Creation date



10 - 49

Trading area


International locations



Boson Energy SA
ZI Am Potaschberg
18 Op der Ahlkerrech
L-6776 Grevenmacher


Heike Carl Zatterstrom - CCO
Tel :+352 20404020


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