Core business

EcoTransFaire is a company specialising in carrying out innovative territorial projects for virtuous local and regional development.

Our team, based in Luxembourg, at the heart of the Belval blast furnace site, is developing expertise in the themes of sustainable development, energy transition and the social and solidarity economy.

Our partners and clients – cities, public authorities, companies, research centres, etc. – wish to provide solutions to societal, economic and environmental challenges. We respond to their needs by supporting them in their development and change of scale.

We promote the collective interest by creating resilient local ecosystems, supporting regional and European public policies and assisting cities in transition.

Since the beginning of 2020, we have been recognized as a private sector research organization by the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy.


Products & services

Diagnostics, sociological studies:

Qualitative: interviews, group interviews, workshops…
Quantitative: questionnaires, statistical analyses, etc.

A socio-economic assessment :
Of your company: consumption, distribution, network, relationships…
Analyses and recommendations :
Cross-cutting: social, economic, technical… .

Working and building  ecosystem :

Assembly: administrative, financial, writing and content of projects (from local to European);
Gathering: networking of actors, partnerships, job creation…
Assistance to the Project Owner :
⇒ Project coordination ;
⇒ Support for proposed solutions;
⇒ Implementation of tools and methodologies appropriate to the situation;
Assistance a “maîtrise d’usage”:
⇒ Accompaniment of changes through awareness-raising, consultation and action phases;
⇒ Exercising an integrating role through mobilisation, involvement of stakeholders and the target public;
⇒ Communication and mobilisation tools: workshops, exemplary visits, etc.


Major CleanTech projects

European Project: AROMA, D2GRIDs, SuNSE

Local project: Cluster Entreprenariat social en Grande Région, Saulnes en Transition 2030,

Technical / technological capabilities

Circular economy (deconstruction), social enterprise, Food area, renewable energy, sociology behaviour

Main customers / collaborations

We works with the city of Sanem (LU) and the city of Saulnes (FR)

We collaborate with LISER in social studies.

In Greate Region, we work with SAARIS in SAARLAND, la maison de la Grande Région.


Looking for

  • Consulting sector B2C B2B (industry + tertiary)
  • B2M (municipalities)


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Bernard LAHURE

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Bernard LAHURE


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