Core business

Our mission is to provide technical support and solutions on new materials or products, thanks to our internal technical knowledge, or to external R&D supports. This allows them to keep their leading position on the market, or explore new business, while avoiding costly and complex R&D structures.

Products & services

  • Technical consulting
  • Fluoro-elastomer based formulations for Swiss watch bands
  • Anti-counterfeiting solutions included into high-tech rubber formulations
  • Anti-bacteria solutions for rubber formulations
  • Trading exclusivity for Luxembourg and Switzerland for biodegradable catering Ecozema products

Major CleanTech projects

  • Perfumed rubber materials through micro encapsulation of molecules
  • Bio-based formulations for films production, packaging, technical components development, plastic fillers chips, …
  • New Bio-based oils for rubber lubrication or wood treatment
  • Bio-based fillers for rubber reinforcement
  • Elastomer products showing high fraction of recycled / devulcanised rubber
  • Valuation of secondary materials coming from tyre recycling process
  • Rubber formulations with unique properties
  • Formulations with low air permeability of high fatigue resistance
  • Resins with specific dielectric properties
  • New composite glues
  • Very low noise road pavement blocks

Technical / technological capabilities

  • Wide technical backgrounds / professional experiences acquired in industry
  • Mastering of the product development process
  • Knowledge in product management (from cradle to grave)
  • Knowledge in materials science

    • Rubber formulations
    • Polymers / plastics
    • Composites and nano-materials
    • Bio-sourced materials

  • Mixing equipments (40 cm and 100 cm twin-roll mills)
  • Aarburg injection machine type 270F250-70
  • Zwick traction tester 1445
  • Compression press Fontijine (60 tons, up to 300°C)

Main customers / collaborations

  • Swiss watch industry
  • Tyre recyclers
  • Industrial rubber producers

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Dr Filomeno Corvasce

Creation date

Jan 2014 in Switzerland, June 2015 in Luxembourg


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Trading area



11 rue des 3 Cantons
L-8399 Windhof


Olivier Louis
Tel: +352 2877 2337

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