Myriado Cleantech GmbH

Myriado Cleantech GmbH

Core business

Myriado designs, manufactures and installs equipment for the treatment of potable water. The plants are easy to operate and to maintain, cost efficient and durable.

The units can be powered either by means of grid electricity when installed close to a mains connection, by a 12V cigarette lighter socket when used mobile or by means of solar panels. The product range covers plants in the size of a suitcase up to the size of Seacontainers. Technical / technological capabilities and competences. Besides the standard sizes, Myriado also offers customer specific solutions for the treatment of specially challenging waters or other water treatment cases.

Myriado is partnering in R&D projects and offers consulting services.


Main customers / collaborations

Aid- and Help organisations, Disaster Relief, NGO’s, Communes, Industry, private Individuals and Military.
Collaboration with SolarTec and IPS Independent Power Systems Products and system. The plants from Myriado are suitable for treating water from the municipal water supply, from wells, surface water and also rainwater harvesting. Furthermore, Myriado also offers distillation plants for the production of drinking water from sea and/or brackish water.


The product portfolio ranges from mobile plants, plants for the fixed installation in buildings and solar powered plants for the use in remote dwellings up to the size of small villages.

Major EcoInnovation projects

Development of Solar Water Station and Solar Desalination Still

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Solar powered water treatment systems


Achim Kopmeier

Creation date


Trading area


International locations



Myriado Cleantech GmbH
Rue Kalchesbruck 2
L-1852 Luxemburg


Achim Kopmeier Dipl.-Ing.
Tel :+352 26 67 20 63

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