Core business

Veolia designs and delivers services that are vit al to human development and sustainable performance through three complementary business activities: energy services, water management and waste management. The company provides innovative, sustainable solutions to improve people's everyday lives and protect future resources.


Products & services

Threefold expertise serving two major categories of customers We support cities and industrial companies in managing, optimizing and converting their water resources into materials and energy by providing solutions that help develop access to resources, while preserving and replenishing them; thereby improving their environmental, economic and social efficiency. Energy services: Veolia provides exclusive expertise enabling companies and municipalities to optimise the technical, economic and environmental performances of facilities in terms of costs as well as emissions and efficiency. Water services: Thanks to our complete mastery of the water cycle, we ensure respectful and equitable water management. We treat wastewater, allowing it to be reused or reintroduced into the natural environment. We innovate to reduce the wasting of water and produce viable alternative resources (materials and energy) Waste services: Veolia supports the growing demand for renewable energy and develops solutions to supply green energy to its customers. We collect, sort, treat and convert waste into energy. We develop waste-to-energy channels that allow reintroduction of waste into new consumption or production cycles.


Major CleanTech projects

  • Smart metering services for various types of buildings or installations trough the monitoring center Hubgrade. Real-time energy monitoring and analysis, verified energy & water reduction of all sites and reduction in emissions.
  • Developing Eco District Heating networks in cities, to reduce emissions, improving their environmental, societal and economic performance by valorising renewable and energy recovery.


Technical / technological capabilities

  • Operating and maintaining services
  • Monitoring services (Hubgrade)
  • Energy efficiency
  • Heating and cooling networks Cogeneration
  • Biomass / biogas
  • Cooling services
  • Flexibility / VPP
  • Heat recovery
  • Total waste management
  • Waste to energy / incineration
  • Plastic recycling
  • Sludge management
  • Water re-use Energy efficiency in water cycle management
  • Water treatment

Main customers / collaborations

  • Heating network: Bella Vita, Turnhout, Antwerpen Zuid
  • Office buildings : Tour du midi, European Parliament
  • Healthcare : UZ Ghent, UZ Antwerpen, Erasme
  • Industry: SCA, Liptop (Unilever), Delphi
  • Sport and leisure: Mondorf thermal domain


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Resourcing the world


Josy Liotino


100 - 249

Certifications & qualifications

ISO 9001


2015 : €25M

Trading area


International locations

Europe, North America, Asia, Africa


Veolia Luxembourg
1 rue Geespelt - ZI
L-3378 Livange


Mathieu Hallot
Project Engineer
+352 42 26 61 37

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