Clear Image AI

Clear Image AI

Core business

Clear Image AI has the right vision for the future.

With our device, IRIS, we present a new wave of AI based decision making systems with applications in a variety of global markets. The potential uses are limitless.

Our system is the first of its kind. It increases productivity, cuts costs of operation, allows us to generate important data in real time. And it does it all without sending any video to a cloud, making the system immune to privacy issues.

Products & services

 Artificial Intelligence products to improve the quality of life.

Our products at their core are created to improve lives. Our Home Care Guardian was created to help make our parents’ lives safer . We continue to create innovative products in the many situations that life can challenge us.

Our Covid-19 protection product Sentinel is the most advanced Covid-19 control product for public spaces, which also provides a multitude of additional functions. We aim to continue identifying situations where we can make life better with our products.

Major HealthTech projects

Home Care Guardian

Main customers / collaborations


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Clear Image AI

Breakthrough AI technology.


Kris Bober

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