Core business

The Apla company (EGAAS S.A.) was established in Luxembourg in July 2017. The objective of the founder was to build a first-in-class distributed ledger technology (“DLT”) that would satisfy the needs of the collaborative economy in the 21 Century. We are proud that today the Apla DLT is listed on the world map of the top DLT protocols.

Furthermore, Apla has received several valuable awards from the professional ICT/ FinTech community:

  • Blockchain Solution Provider of the Year 2018 in Dubai
  • Three Awards at ICT Spring 2019 in Luxembourg
  • Shortlisted among the Top 5 Technology Start-ups by IT One in Luxembourg3

Products & services

Apla developed eVoting and board management solutions to eliminate inefficiencies in the voting and proxy assignment process and enable transparent information flow among stakeholders when required and with the proper security, governance and risk procedures in place. Given that it is an infrastructural solution – from the time a meeting is launched and through the voting process to the publishing of results – it means that all stakeholders will truly benefit within the process.

The solution is hosted on Apla original multi-chain platform where users are authenticated via an onboarding process. The platform can facilitate the transmission of voting-related materials and, of course, the audit trail. Immediate vote functionality is available through permissioned reports that provide different levels of information to issuers and shareholders and, if needed, auditors and even regulators. Users may access the solution via a web-enabled front end or mobile application.

Technical / technological capabilities

The Apla protocol has been tested by HackerOne and Grant Thornton Luxembourg with success. Apla corporate governance solutions are proven in the operational environment and correspond to TRL9. Please refer to the following links for more technical details on launching sidechain and install decentralized applications:

  • Network configuration https://apla.readthedocs.io/en/latest/howtos/deployment.html#backend-deployment
  • Download desktop client 
  • The Consortium Chain Network Explorer can be found here: https://explore.consortium-network.org
  • The White Paper of the Apla Multi-Chain Platform can be found here: https://www.apla.io/download/White_Paper_AMCP.pdf

Main customers / collaborations

Board Portal Management software is designed for corporate service providers, law firms, SMEs, custodians, investment funds and institutional investors

Looking for

Collaboration with law firms, corporate service providers and fiduciary offices.

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