ELIAS Luxembourg

ELIAS Luxembourg

Core business

We are often approached during transitional or challenging phases of a companies’ growth and development and in addition, during successful times to ensure companies optimize growth appropriately. It’s all about reaching your goals faster and more effectively by putting the vision first and foremost. We specialize in breaking through barriers and identifying blind spots for SMEs as well as startups.

Products & services

✔️ Digital Transformation Strategy definition and implementation.

✔️ Governance and Business Process definition, implementation including automation.

✔️ Coaching IT and Program Managers in implementing their IT Strategies with the right budget and a clear ROI.

✔️ Mentoring & preparing start-ups with both their strategic approach & pitching skills.

✔️ Office 365 Implementation.

✔️ Project Management 

Major ICT projects

✔️ Business and Strategy Alignment: Creating an IT Strategy aligned with the business expansion strategy to neighboring countries of a large Fiduciary (a 30% business growth enabler!)

✔️ Data Analytics: Managing the digital transformation strategy of the data analytics initiatives in a pharmaceutical company (Life Sciences, 2020).

✔️ Document Management: Managing the definition of the governance model and the migration project to a new platform for a medium-sized company (Finance Industry, Health-tech).

✔️ Market Research: Exploratory research, market segmentation, industry trends, use case scenarios, competition analysis…

✔️ Asset Tokenization: Supporting « Blockpulse », a French Fintech start-up, in their Blockchain strategy implementation, as Business Advisor, speeding their go-to-market by several months.

✔️ Digital Recruitment: Creation of a startup to support companies in technical assessments of candidates via an online platform: skilon.com



Technical / technological capabilities

✔️ Office 365 Implementation.

✔️ Project Management Tooling (Monday.com, Azure DevOps…).

✔️ WordPress

✔️ Interviews/Technical assessments

Main customers / collaborations

Our projects are mainly with SMEs in Luxembourg (50 to 200 employees), but we also supported 2 companies of over 10,000 employees in Belgium.

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ELIAS Luxembourg

Making Digital Transformation accessible for all


Elias Chbeir

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Certifications & qualifications

ITIL, Digital Transformation (from MIT)

Trading area

Luxembourg, Greater Region


4 Rue d’Arlon, L-8399 Windhof, Luxembourg



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