Eurobase GmbH

Eurobase GmbH

Core business

Eurobase is a privately held software company with more than 30 years experience. We supply:

  • Services and solutions in the fields of sales, sales promotion and marketing
  • Financial mathematics solutions
  • Sales support systems
  • Cooperation with international financial institutions, banks and insurance companies
  • Intuitive desktop and mobile apps

Products & services

  • Software development made in Luxembourg
  • Product configurators
  • Sales force workspaces
  • Financial mathematics calculators
  • Mobile solutions
  • Individual solutions
  • Teggee, a mobile landing page builder

Major ICT projects

Car dealer systems for Volkswagen group easyCredit Application in Germany

Technical / technological capabilities

Our expert team of almost 50 permanent employees has accumulated a broad range of expert knowledge in the fields of Programming Languages Java, J2EE (JSF, Tomcat, Apache, JBoss, Maven, CSV, Hibernate) C#, ASP, ASP.Net, PHP, C++ HTML / CSS, Javascript, jQuery SOAP- / RESTful-Webservices XML / XML Schema, SQL App Development (iOs, Android, Windows Mobile) Datenbases MS SQL-Server, Oracle-DB, MySQL Data Warehouse , Data Migration, Data Transformation, Big Data, Operating Systems Windows, Linux, Cloud Computing

Main customers / collaborations

Volkswagen Financial Services AG in Germany - Braunschweig TeamBank AG in Germany - Nürnberg

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Peter Kühnel, Edgar Kertels, Klaus-Rainer Hank

Creation date




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Eurobase GmbH
17 Fausermillen
L-6689 Mertert


Peter Kühnel
Managing Director
Tel: +352 749 292 1

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