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We are a regtech startup that are developing an enterprise wide monitoring platform that combines;

  1. Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC)
  2. Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)
  3. Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

3 frameworks integrated onto 1 platform. Our easy to use platform can be easily customised specifically to our client’s exact needs in order to better manage, improve and monitor their compliance & regulatory processes with the aim of reducing their compliance costs and risk of non compliance. Our use of machine learning alorithms, Ai and blockchain ledger will allow our client’s to have a unique competitive advantage over their competitors and dramatically improve operational efficiency.

Products & services

Modus3 provides an enterprise wide monitoring platform that delivers real time monitoring through seamless software and process integrations. Whether its simply bringing offline and manual processes online or whether its implementing a completely new regulatory framework, our agile platform is flexible enough to handle unique customisation. Document management, Excel spreadsheet headaches, legal management, Invoice management, e-signatories,  compliance and regulatory processes can all be digitalised, optimised and monitored.

At Modus3 we,      

  • Deploy a centralised framework for GRC, ESG or SDG’s 
  • Connect the framework to your internal systems and popular third-party software such as Docusign.
  • Link workflows to remove Tasks, data and documents duplication 
  • Offer interactive dashboards for real time Management Information “MI” 
  • Provide real-time regulatory change management

Major ICT projects

Currently seeking local businesses for ‘Proof of Concept’.

Current Traction

  • Currently involved in a POC for a local asset management company that is taking some offline manual processes in legal management and bringing them onto our workflow platform. This will digitalise, manage and streamline the offline process they have been struggling with.
  • Starting 2nd POC July 2020 for local wealth management family office.


Technical / technological capabilities

API Integration:

  • Integrated with AWS, Azure and DocuSign
  • Integrations with Salesforce, Sharepoint, Office 365, Whatsapp & Multifonds are on the roadmap

Workflow Solution:

  • Our proprietary workflow solution can be used for process management and task orchestration
  • Provides insights on productivity of process and time spent to complete the process
  • We provide dashboard for workflow analysis

Data analysis:

  • OCR functionality for data scraping documents.
  • We integrate our platform with third party entities and collect the data and prepare dashboards for decision making
  • Applying ML algorithms on dataset and predict the results


  • On premise and private cloud solution

Main customers / collaborations

Short Term

Our platform was designed and built for SMEs in asset management, wealth management family office and fund services

Longer Term

Will be customisable for any business to manage, improve and monitor their compliance and regulatory processes – Law firms, supply chain, logistics, green energy and real estate.

Looking for

Local SMEs for collaborative ‘Proof of Concept’ projects to help digitalise and optimise their business operational processes. 

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Reducing Risk of Non Compliance


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Darren Douglas

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