Core business

Rejustify is a data-tech start-up developing AI-driven cloud solutions, especially in the field of data access and cloud architecture.

Rejustify has launched a first-of-its-kind AI-enhanced ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) tool to find and merge data from multiple primary sources in real-time and in few clicks, therefore substantially improving the efficiency of the process. Accessing data from world’s leading statistical sources enables sharper and over-arching analysis. AI-enhanced data recognition algorithms learn from user’s data habits and preferences to offer customised and more precise data support. Overall, the rejustify’s ETL tool revolutionizes access to data, saves time and prevents manual errors.

Rejustify helps with dataset preparations, data integrations (both physical and virtual) as well as mapping, classifying and structuring of data. We also offer a customised hypothesis-driven approach for businesses, science and research.

Products & services

  • AI-enhanced ETL engine for individual and group users for public repositories
  • Deployment of the AI classification algorithms on private data sets to better integrate them in business processes
  • Customized Apps and Dashboards to offer quicker and on-the-go data visualization
  • Customized data integrations

Major ICT Sector projects

AI-enhanced ETL tool as a single access point to find and merge 600M+ data series from 60+ world’s most trusted primary statistical sources

Technical / technological capabilities

  • Large-scale Machine learning & Artificial intelligence methods
  • Development of cloud architecture and cloud-based systems
  • Structured and unstructured (NoSQL) data integrations


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Find and merge data in few clicks.


Vojtech Seman

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Founder Institute
Made in Luxembourg

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Luxembourg, Greater Region, Europe, International

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Greater Region


rejustify S.à r.l.
36, rue Démy Schlechter
L-2521, Luxembourg


Vojtech Seman

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