Core business

STAMPIFY is a Luxembourg FinTech Startup based at the LHoFT since September 2018.

We firmly believe in collaboration of people and technology to digitalize the corporate governance and enhance the decision-making processes while consistently empowering people at work, with a legally binding technology. Our goal is to provide directors and executives with the highest levels of availability, scalability, reliability, and flexibility.

STAMPIFY is a platform aggregating all your governance mandates and engagements, i.e. as a board member, a shareholder – private and listed, and for bond and real estate ownership. Our uniqueness lies in the combination of qualified digital identification and signing, a 100% digital interface and its notarisation on a public blockchain.

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Products & services

Stampify platform allows a company:

– to digitalise a shareholder registry and its management;

– to aggregate the essential governance duties and history in personal and company’s dashboards;

– to create and manage general and swift meetings, automating agenda, documentation, engagement, and voting  workflows;

– and, importantly, to enact the decisions by signing the resolutions, board packs and any other documents in a legally-binding way. 

Technical / technological capabilities

To strengthen the decision-making management and foster good governance across all the companies’ engagements like executive management, board members and shareholders, we built the agile framework to empower people with three technological pillars:

1/ electronic ID, each decision-maker is identified based on his / her legal identity (eIDAS);

2/ eVoting and advanced/qualified eSigning, which enacts approvals, minutes and resolutions transparently;

3/ Blockchain technology, which stores all the necessary proofs confidentially and permanently and brings transparency and traceability to the corporate governance of our clients.

Looking for

STAMPIFY is at the seed stage and we are eager to develop solid collaborations with strategic partners in relation with entrepreneurship, corporate governance, signing digitalisation and digital identity.

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One platform - one tap, one decision, the new way of corprate governance.


Guillaume de Vergnies

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Luxembourg, Europe


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Guillaume de Vergnies

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