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Trust1Team is an integrator company born global. We offer our own developed products – Trust1Connector, Trust1Gateway and Trust1Vault - based on different open source frameworks which, in combination with our self-developed software, provide the opportunity to governments, enterprises and organizations to easily digitalize their processes in a secure and trusted way. We have created the perfect secure and compliant environment for frictionless authentication, seamless signature of electronic documents, highly secure archiving, among others, following the best standards and regulations.
With the Trust1Team portfolio and proven track record, our customers and partners can integrate one product or the full product suite, as needed, to bring new capabilities to their business processes. We allow you, for instance, with a trusted certificate, to digitally sign all kind of electronic documents and different formats.
Several countries, TrustCenters and Trusted Service Providers and banks have requested Trust1Team´s insights about the future concept of signature and signing methods in smart cards, devices as well as in the secure element area overall.
Trust1Team Group was born in Benelux. Founded in 2014 with active companies in Belgium and Luxembourg, it has since 2017 a newly created representation in Spain.

Products & services

trust1connectThe Trust1Connector® provides a full communication framework for inter-browser instances to communicate in a secured way. As a single solution, the Trust1Connector® completely substitutes all JAVA applets hitherto used, while providing a secure and frictionless solution for electronic identification cards to authenticate the user, perform digital signatures of documents and retrieve data from the card. It abstracts the complexity between the browser and local peripherals, such as smartcard readers (connected and unconnected), by being a cross platform, cross-browser and transparent secure element. The full framework has a very short time-to-market and can be implemented as white labelled, in premises or as SaaS, guaranteeing the most flexible and straightforward solution in the market.

The Trust1Connector® is designed with a modular approach that seeks to follow the natural evolution of your business. This solution can be tailored to your specific requirements and needs, meaning that with one integration you can have multiple use cases, depending on the implementation of specific modules or adding new features in the future.

The flexibility of Trust1Connector®, as you single IDP broker, is an opportunity to support a full framework for authentication stacks in the eIDAS context for corporate integration and much more, such as the connection to specific hardware through web applications (printers, payment terminals, biometric devices...), the integration with back-end services for signing and authentication, and many others.


trust1gatewayThe Trust1Gateway® is an API management system accessible through a marketplace to on-board or expose new services. This powerful interface gives you the opportunity to publish your internal services on a high secure way to consumers like, for instance, modules and UIs for signing and validate either signatures and digital certificates. At the marketplace, you may find APIs such as the SignBox, a powerful back-office system with an UI that allows the creation of signature flows with multiple signers and extends to the placement of the signature, the preview of documents to sign, alert systems, and others. Also available is the eContract converter, and API to generate the right fields and prepare a document (without modifying its content) for OCS operations, originating a contract in compliance with the legislation and standards. Another API you may find at the marketplace is the ECM Connector that serves as an independent interface for ECM systems (Documentum, SharePoint, etc.) so to avoid document duplication.

Major ICT Sector projects

Trust1Team works exclusively under NDAs, however, since our major strength is simplifying the way an individual authenticates & identifies himself electronically as well digital actions he performs, our major projects comprise the dematerialization of processes; the simplification and added security in the authentication/identification of the users; reduction of the time it takes an individual to convert to a customer in the digital world; and the assurance of legal compliance throughout identification processes.

Technical / technological capabilities

Trust1Team takes “Free of Complexity” as motto and moves all developments in the direction to have a less as possible dependencies or vendor lock in solutions for its partner.

Main customers / collaborations

Following the European and US regulation: eIDAS, GDPR…

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Following the European and US regulation: eIDAS, GDPR…

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