Ubiclouder SARL

Ubiclouder SARL

Core business

Ubiclouder is specializing in Digital Transformation and Innovation with a method and a tool called Innoosy. We are based in Luxembourg. We provide solutions to all size’s companies in private and public-sector.

Ours areas of expertise include:

  • IT Project management
  • Change management consultancy
  • SAP consultancy • Salesforce consultancy
  • eMarketing and web consultancy

Our customers get value through:

  • Increase collaboration and productivity on all business processes
  • Streamline their marketing and sales process
  • Differentiation using Innoosy
  • Capability bring to live complex technological project
  • Using best of cloud technologies

Products & services

Our team consists of experts driven by the common goals of precise work, and clearly designated targets. Ubiclouder positions itself as the privileged partner for providing their customers integrated solutions improving process to increase their productivities. Our ability to innovate allowed us to set up a very useful app essential to transform your ideas into realizations.

Our solutions portfolio is designed around 6 strategic pillars and meets the needs of today’s economy

  • Projects Management: Almost 20 years of experience in complex systems integration, Change management, CRM strategic support, Transformation matrix.
  • Creation of Web sales processes: Integrated with Web Site. High value integration option with EU Commerces back office. • Salesforce Consultancy: Salesforce experts with integration expertise.
  • eMarketing Consultancy: Implementation of MailChimp, Salesforce Pardot. Integration of MailChimp.
  • SAP Consultancy: We have expertise in integrating SAP with Salesforce on international projects with significant integration issues and complexity.

Major ICT projects

Innoosy : What if your IT partner would bring you a process to manage new ideas? In the ecosystem, it is our key differentiator. It is the only method combining CRM strategy, Design Thinking and TRIZ necessary for this ambition. The culture of ideas is a fundamental process for the renewal of solution offers. It increases the quality of innovation and the follow-up of the innovation process. The Innoosy v2.0 method has been improved with feedback from the GSK laboratory. This version is only available for our customers. ubiTAsks Kanban Projects Management What if you had clarity of all projects and measure achievements across the company? ubiTAsks is the visual project management solution for all your employees. This app is easy and lean solution for management, marketing and technicians to keep track of all tasks. Each customer is followed individually; you will keep track on urgent tasks like never. The board view helps you to manage the big picture and you can drill down to individual tasks. European Commerces ERP What if you had business processes build to support your growth? The proposed solution has been built to sell across Europe. It handles purchase, stocks, production and sales process. It is extending Salesforce value. It is lightweight easily extensible and adaptable solution for the needs of small and medium size companies. All-in-one use Salesforce tool to handle all customers related processes. Follow up with a 360° all transactions around customer experiences.

Technical / technological capabilities

Since 2013, Ubiclouder’s expert are trained to design highly efficient business process with hybrid technologies. Due to their experiences our consultants provide custom solutions and integration between different owned solutions and clouds.

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Culture of ideas!


Hervé Poinsignon

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Certifications & qualifications

APICS, PRINCE2, Salesforce, SAP, AWS


Ubiclouder SARL
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Hervé Poinsignon
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