UP trace

UP trace

Core business

UP trace, headquatered in Oberpallen in Luxemburg also has a branch in Liège in Belgium, is a key actor in Industry 4.0 and traceability, industrial marking, automatic identification and integration. Constantly expanding and essentially active in BeNeLux and North-East of France, UP trace strengthens its team and its expertise through a network of selected partners in many countries of Europe. These allow a constant evolution positioning the cutting edge.UP trace developed ‘’Simplify your Traceability’’, an innovating approach of traceability allowing to bring turn-key Industry 4.0 solutions to production and logistic companies to help them at term to make savings. As customer you deal with a team of professionals caring for your needs and really listening to you: their experience in terms of traceability, barcodes, RFID and ERP- or production lines integration are concentrated to serve you.

Products & services

Middleware-MES : ARIANE by Up Tarce

Asset Tracking Management : SERIANE by Up Trace

Palox Management : AGRIANE by Up Trace

Hardware : Automatic marking and labeling

Software labeling Solutions

Major ICT projects

Production Data Capture for Traceability & Industry 4.0

Logistics Data Capture

Technical / technological capabilities

Barre-code, 2D code, RFID, software

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UP trace

Simplify Your Traceability


Thierry van Ravestyn

Creation date




Organisation type



3M euros

R&D investments

300K euros

Trading area

Greater Region

International locations

Greater Region


8, rue de la Platinerie
L-8552 Oberpallen


Thierry van Ravestyn

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