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VitalBriefing is a unique B2B digital information company that fuses search technology with subject-expert journalistic oversight to create fully customised business intelligence in multiple industries, bringing subscribers and their clients exactly what they need to know to make critical decisions.

Products & services

With a groundbreaking, scalable melding of search, curation, content creation and distribution in multiple formats, VitalBriefing meets subscribers’ pressing need for filtered, reliable news and information. VitalBriefing “filters the flow,” extracting the specific developments most relevant for its clients, then creates the content in highly-absorbable formats that answer subscribers’ demand for reliability, timeliness, accuracy and speed, saving them time and money. Products include daily and weekly monitoring of customers' brands, com petitors and key industry developments, delivering those insights via email newsletters and other formats for clients' internal use, and white label, thought leadership content for clients to share with their customers via websites, digital newsletters, RSS feeds, and social media.

Major ICT projects

VitalBriefing's technology and expertise extends to any industry, including Finance and Banking, Fintech, Space Industry and Resources, Logistics, Automotive, Circular Economy, Digital Media and Business Software.

Main customers / collaborations

Customers include BIL, KBL European Private Bankers, ING, Goodyear Tire & Rubber, U.S. Public Broadcasting Service, Ziff Davis and various public agencies.

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David Schrieberg

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The Cure for Information Overload


David Schrieberg

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The VitalBriefing Curation Dashboard integrates search with multiple production and operations systems, and manages the process flow. The relevance of the content is maintained and managed by the journalist-curators who develop filters for the search phase, aggregate the best results, then synthesize the information into concise content that lives in the ever-expanding database for distribution to clients.

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International locations

Europe, the Greater Region , North America, Asia


43 Avenue Gaston Diderich
L-1420 Luxembourg



David Schrieberg
CEO & Co-Founder
Tel: +352 20 88 1954 101
Phone : +352 621 191 107

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