VNX Exchange

VNX Exchange

Core business

VNX’s core business model is provision of blockchain powered investments’ deals syndication platform and related services to players in the venture capital industry. VNX is enabling its customers to syndicate deals and raise financing for new start-ups or projects from potential investors or tokenize various assets.

The platform has a mission of offering a novel and superior model of investment services, democratizing, automating and streamlining the investment process while providing a traditional finance industry standard level of protection to the investors.

Products & services

Asset tokenization

VNX tailor-made solution combines technical infrastructure and integrated services helping seamlessly tokenize various assets without involving multiple service providers. VNX end-to-end tokenization platform facilitates the whole life cycle of digital securities:

  • Investors’ onboarding and KYC/AML;
  • Structuring and transactional documents;
  • Information disclosures;
  • Management of payments in fiat and crypto;
  • Issuance and post-transactional management;
  • Secondary market functionality (under development).


Deal Syndication

VNX blockchain powered deal syndication platform enables lead investors who take an active role in the investment process to offer a co-investment opportunity to a group of potential co-investors in a digital manner.

  • Full set of administrative and tech services;
  • Management of investors pool;
  • Investor communications and information disclosures;
  • Secure capital flow;
  • Compliance and KYC/AML;
  • Secondary market functionality (under development).

Major ICT projects

  • Digital assets’ offering backed by proceeds from convertible bonds issued by Streami Inc, one of the most innovative blockchain holdings in Asia-Pacific region (learn more). 
  • Digital assets’ offering backed by proceeds from convertible notes issued by, a leading technology platform providing a shopping experience for Mums across the Middle East (learn more).

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