DELPHI Automotive Systems Luxembourg

DELPHI Automotive Systems Luxembourg

Core business

Delphi Technologies is one of the world’s leading providers of vehicle propulsion systems for traditional, hybrid and electric light and commercial vehicles. The company’s innovations optimize engine performance, increase vehicle efficiency, reduce emissions and improve driving performance. Delphi Technologies operates technical centers, manufacturing sites and customer support services in 24 countries and has over 21000 employees. Since its spin-off in December 2017, the company delivered record bookings (nearly $10 billion in 2018, it’s first year as a public company) in new, gross lifetime business awards, focused in our growth areas of commercial vehicles, gasoline direct injection and power electronics.

The customer technology centre located in Bascharage, inaugurated in 1985, is a state-of-the art centre for development, design and testing of pioneering propulsion technologies for conventional and electrified vehicles. It is also the Fuel Injection Systems BU headquarters.

Products & services

Delphi Technologies Materials Engineering Group:

Provide materials expertise to product lines to select materials for their application. Provide support for materials analysis.

Give recommendations to the product engineers / manufacturing engineers to optimize the part design, the part finishing (roughness, coatings, surface treatments), the assembly processes.

Perform failure analysis on warranty returns and determine the failure root cause(s) during design and product validation. Ensure the quality of the raw materials provided to Delphi Technologies.

Major Materials & Manufacturing projects


Fuel injectors, high pressure pumps, ignition coils, cam phaser, fuel modules, low pressure fuel pumps, air control valves, electronic control unit (ECU)


Metals: steels, stainless steels, cast iron, cast and wrought aluminum alloys, copper alloys, soft magnetic steels, hard magnetic materials

Polymers: thermoplastics, elastomers, thermosets, composites

Ceramic: Alumina

Materials processing technologies:

Welding, brazing, soldering, adhesive joining, fastening, corrosion protection, functional coatings, hardening processes, microelectronic connections.

Technical / technological capabilities

Materials Laboratory:

Sample preparation equipment’s (cutting, embedding, polishing), Particle analyzer, stereo microscopes, light microscopes, X-ray imaging, Computed Tomography (CT), Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Energy Dispersive XRay Spectrometer (EDS), Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR and FTIR Microscope), macrohardness (Rockwell, Brinell), microhardness (Vickers), moisture content analyzer (Karl Fischer), densimeter, IRHD.

Main customers / collaborations

Its customer base includes 23 of the largest light vehicle OEMs, several of the largest commercial vehicle OEMs, and members of all of the global automotive aftermarket trading groups, which include most of the leading aftermarket retailers and wholesale distributors around the world. In addition, in 2018 its solutions were found in the majority of the top twenty platforms in each of the regions in which the group operates.

Research collaborations are in place with several universities or public and private research institutions worldwide. In Luxembourg, the company has collaborations with LIST, SnT and the University of Luxembourg.

Public research projects

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DELPHI Automotive Systems Luxembourg

Driven to make a difference


Rick Dauch

Creation date

1985 (Customer Technology Center Luxembourg)



Organisation type

International Organisation

Certifications & qualifications

Customer Technology Center Luxembourg

ISO-9000 since 1995
TS 16949 since 2001
ISO-14001 since 2002


2018 : $ 4,858 Million (global sales)

R&D investments

2018: $ 448 Million (globally)

Trading area


International locations

Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America


Delphi Technologies
Avenue De Luxembourg
L-4940 Bascharage



Marc Antoine Marcelin
Materials Engineering Supervisor

Tel : +352 5018 2407
Email :


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