Eurofoil Luxembourg

Eurofoil Luxembourg

Core business

Eurofoil specialises in the production and marketing of aluminium foil and packaging, from its three manufacturing sites in Europe.

Eurofoil Luxembourg S.A. is one of two world class manufacturing sites working together as a homogenous unit exclusively dedicated to the rolling and production of aluminium foil. The comprehensive product range offered by the two sites ( in Luxembourg and France) – in terms of capacity, widths and technical specifications – brings a dependable answer to a broad range of specification demands to customers in a range of sectors, including food packaging, household foil, heat transfer and industrial applications such as insulation and pipes.

Eurofoil Paper Coating in Berlin, is a leading supplier of plain, lacquered and printed metallised paper and foil laminates.

The Eurofoil Innovation Centre, based in Belval, Luxembourg, supports these businesses with a dedicated team of scientists committed to research and development and access to world-class modern analysis equipment.Group presentation (.pdf)

Products & services

Eurofoil Luxembourg S.A. located in Dudelange, Luxembourg is a major producer of aseptic foil used in the drinks sector, converter foil used in flexible packaging for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications and converter foil and strip for insulating and other industrial applications. Working jointly with the rolling mill in France, Eurofoil Luxembourg offers a range of specifications: gauges from 6 micron, widths up to 1626 mm in Luxembourg (rolling in France exceptionnaly up to 2020 mm).

In addition, Eurofoil Luxembourg S.A. manufactures and supplies high quality aluminium fin stock used in the production of industrial heat exchangers, with applications in modern HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and refrigeration systems.

With a dedicated Customer service team, Eurofoil offers various supply chain solutions to customers.The on-site continuous casting foil stock production ensures greater flexibility and security of raw material sourcing and helps to recycle internal scrap.

The Eurofoil innovation Centre in Belval, Luxembourg offers an additional service to customers wishing to work on product development and new innovations.

Major Materials & Manufacturing projects

Eurofoil has launched a major project to expand its casting capacity. Globally, for the 2 rolling plants in Luxembourg and France, this multi-million-€ investment is increasing Eurofoil’s foilstock autonomy well beyond 90%. It will help to consolidate the position of Eurofoil as a market leader in Europe with a robust and strategically secure supply chain.

The R&D team contribute to this project by optimising the casting as well as the downstream processes in order to extend the range of applications for the material produced from the continuous casting process.

The other priorities are to continuously improve the runnability of our material on our customers machines and to develop new surface functional properties for aluminium foil.

Technical / technological capabilities

Foil rolling 6 micron – 300 micron:

  • Eurofoil is a major producer of converter foil from 6 micron upwards: As part of a laminate, an aluminium foil layer as thin as 6 microns acts as a barrier against gas and light and prolongs the shelf-life of sensitive and valuable foodstuffs or pharmaceutical and cosmetic goods; Eurofoil’s converter foil meets standards on contact with foodstuffs and complies with hygiene practices, in line with international food and pharmaceutical packaging standards.
  • Eurofoil manufactures converter foil and strip up to 300 micron (exceptionnaly above) used in a range of building and roofing applications, notably as insulation in laminated panels and as incombustible insulating material for pipe work and ducting.
  • Eurofoil also offers a comprehensive range of industrial fin stock specifications up to 300 / 400micron.

Continuous casting and on-site recycling

Development work at the Eurofoil Innovation Center, including:

  • Surface Analysis and Treatment

    • Decorative surfaces
    • Functional surfaces
    • Surface treatment
    • Active surfaces
    • Nanotechnologies

  • Metallurgy and Corrosion

    • Continuous Casting
    • Recycling
    • Downgauging & Formability
    • Corrosion Protection

Main customers / collaborations

Eurofoil has ongoing, long term partnerships with world class companies in the aseptic and flexible packaging sectors as well as heat exchanger companies. The Eurofoil Innovation Center is hosted in the LIST (previously Centre de Recherche Public Gabriel Lippmann) in Belval with whom it has a strong partnership, working on various R&D projects.

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Willem Loué

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Organisation type

Large enterprise

Certifications & qualifications

ISO 9001 – Quality Management System, ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System, OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management, ISO/IEC 17025:2005 – Accreditation Certificate
Ongoing : ISO 50001 (Energy)


2015 : €119M

R&D investments

2015 : €1.3M

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Eurofoil Luxembourg S.A.
Z.I. Riedgen
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Alain Hadeler
Tel: +352 51 86 64 503

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