HITEC Luxembourg

HITEC Luxembourg

Core business

HITEC Luxembourg S.A., a 100%-owned Luxembourg company, has developed its business activities in the field of innovative and quality products and services. Quality management and assurance, corporate social responsibility and environmental friendly business are the basis for sustainable growth and long-term partnerships with our stakeholders.

The company offers high technology, value-added solutions covering multiple business areas: satellite ground segment technology; customer-specific and standard equipment for testing and measuring of physical properties; engineering; consulting; software & ICT development and project management.

Products & services

HITEC Luxembourg offers products and services for several markets: aerospace, automotive, traffic management, government and military, humanitarian aid and manufacturing.

The company develops and manufactures satellite ground station antenna systems, limited and full motion, as well as satellite ground system components, e.g. antenna control units and antenna front panels. Our software and ICT solutions (DISP®, NoSaCo® Compact, NoSaCo® Rapid and NoSaCo® Regular) are in use with major humanitarian organizations.

Our products in the field of rubber industry testing are used worldwide with all major producers of carbon black and rubber goods. We develop and produce standard and customized testing equipment used in product development and in quality control. The industry acknowledged IPHT™, Individual Pellet Hardness Tester, is designed for reliable measurement of carbon black pellet hardness. DABS™, the Oil Absorption Basic System, is an oil absorptometer to determine the structure of carbon black and silica, as well as other rubber chemicals. CVST®, Compressed Volume Structure Tester, is the next generation instrument for quantifying structure and other material characteristics of carbon black, and potentially of any other granulate or powder.

The company’s know-how in industrial engineering as well as in-house manufacturing makes HITEC Luxembourg also the ideal partner to develop and produce customer-specific solutions.

More than 100 different customers in over 30 countries demonstrate the success of our products and services.

Major Materials & Manufacturing projects

HITEC Luxembourg is a provider of testing equipment for rubber fillers in general, and carbon black in particular. In this context we have developed an instrument to characterize carbon black structural properties by its reaction on compressing such particulate material – this method is subject of the standard ASTM D7854. HITEC Luxembourg has added precision decompressing and appropriate algorithms to quantify the material’s reaction in a very repeatable and reproducible way. This proprietary method, which is covered by international patents, allows to distinguish material properties in a way not available so far.

The method bears large potential to characterize other granulates or particulate material in terms of final product properties or processing of the material. Such material could be carbide metal powder, pharmaceutical powder, cement and many more. HITEC Luxembourg is seeking to further develop the method with appropriate partners.

Technical / technological capabilities

Beside classic engineering capabilities in mechanics, electro-mechanics and control systems, HITEC Luxembourg has competences in modelling and simulation, which in the particular case of material characterisation is available to develop prediction models to correlate measurement results to relevant properties of such particulate material.

Main customers / collaborations

The powder material characterization has been developed in cooperation with several major producers of carbon black, closely following and actively contributing to the work towards standardization of the method within the ASTM International committee D24 on carbon black.

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Yves Elsen

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Organisation type

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise

Certifications & qualifications

ISO 9001, NATO AQAP 2110, Luxembourg label “ESR” for corporate social responsibility, SuperDrecksKëscht fir Betriber

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5, rue de l’Eglise
L-1458 Luxembourg



Philippe Osch
Chief Technology Officer
Tel: +352 49 84 78-1

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