University of Luxembourg RUES (Solid Structures)

University of Luxembourg RUES (Solid Structures)

Core business

Solid structures: concrete structures and structural design, construction materials / Steel-concrete composite materials, analysis and design of building structures, materials properties of concrete

Major Materials & Manufacturing projects

  • Design/quality control of building structures by in situ loading tests (Administration des Bâtiments Publics, Ville de Luxembourg, ArcelorMittal),
  • Design/quality control of bridges (Administration des Ponts et Chaussées Luxembourg),
  • Development of insulating masonry blocks (Chaux de Contern S.A.),
  • Determination of the acoustic performances of a lightweight concrete realized on the basis of wood-chips (Eifelhaus S.A.),
  • Optimization of the formulation of a wood-chip concrete in order to balance the insulation and mechanical performances (Eifelhaus S.A.),
  • Theological analysis of mortar in order to characterize the compatibility of the binder and the additive (Cimalux, S.A.),
  • Analyze of the crack development of a fair-faced replacement screed (Dyckerhoff, Buzzi-Unicem, Germany, Italy),
  • Analyze of the strength development of a grouting mortar for pre-stressed systems (Freyssinet, France),
  • Development of a double-leaf masonry wall system (Chaux de Contern, S.A.),
  • Expertise reports in case of failure for the advocates

Technical / technological capabilities

  • Structural Health Monitoring,
  • Non-destructive Evaluation and Experimental Mechanics of Structural Components,
  • Structural Analysis and Dynamics,
  • Structural Reliability and Risk Analysis,
  • Analytical and experimental solid mechanics problems with emphasis on structural dynamics,
  • Finite Element Analysis of concrete and steel-concrete composite structures,
  • Failure Analysis for engineering materials and structures.
  • The performed research projects and consulting include investigations on construction materials with emphasis on:
  • sustainable construction,
  • short and long term properties of blended cement and concrete,
  • high performance/self-consolidating concrete,
  • Steel fiber reinforced concrete,
  • development of materials out of industrial wastes for structural applications,
  • strengthening and retrofitting of structures,
  • composite construction in steel, timber and concrete,
  • bond in composite construction,
  • life cycle analysis of materials and structures,
  • Non-destructive testing methods (NDT).

Main customers / collaborations

Ponts et Chaussées (LU); Arcelor Mittal (LU); Cimalux S.A. (LU);
Echolux S.A. (LU); Miscanthus S.A. (LU); Chaux de Contern (LU); KU Leuven (BE); TU Kaiserlautern (DE); Université Henri Poincaré Nancy 1 (FR); IBU Institut Trier (DE); Université de Liège (BE)

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Paul Heuschling

Creation date




Organisation type

Public Research Organisation


Research Unit in Engineering Sciences
Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication
6, rue Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi
L-1359 Luxembourg


Danièle Waldmann
Assistant professeur
Tel: +352 46 66 44 52 79

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