Core business

Saharchitects is a boutique architectural firm with significant expertise in designing homes that positively transform the way people live. We are an international team of architects who are committed to delivering our work effectively and offer you support throughout every phase of the project.
 With more than 20 years of experience in timber construction, Saharchitects can help you to understand the material and how best to implement it in your project.

Products & services

We offer a pre-design study that builds the foundation for the project design process. Without it, the risks of having to make costly changes are far higher and the quality of the design could suffer. It includes an extensive client survey which defines our client’s vision along with a site analysis, programming and budget analysis and more.

Our architectural services then proceed from the pre-design study through design, permitting, construction documents, contract bidding and construction administration.

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Major Wood projects

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Technical / technological capabilities

Saharchitects’ principal architect, Sahar Azari, has over 15 years of experience as an architect in Luxembourg. She has technical expertise in the design and construction administration of LENOZ certified and passive design buildings constructed of wood and natural materials.

Main customers / collaborations

Codur SA
P&P Promotions
Leko Labs
Holzbau Neuman S.à.r.l.

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December 2012



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9 rue Jean Majerus
L-7555 Mersch



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