Core business

FBConsulting S. à r.l. is a SME in Luxembourg with the main activity in the domain of short-range wireless devices including Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), UWB and Machine-2-Machine (M2M). The activities covered are:

  • Spectrum management and regulation in Europe and world-wide (CEPT, ITU, CITEL, APT)
  • European and worldwide standardization in ETSI and other organizations
  • Project management and organization for R&D projects in the field of short range wireless devices
  • Consulting activities for companies and universities in the field of wireless communications and the corresponding regulatory and standardization environment.
  • Technology transfer from the University R&D and Project R&D results into the market place
  • IPR and knowledge management
  • Active participation in ETSI ERM (TGUWB, TG28, TG11, TG34) and ETSI ITS.
  • Active participation in CEPT WG FM (SRDMG) and CEPT WG SE (SE24)
  • World-wide certification support for SRDs and UWB market introduction

FBConsulting is member of ETSI and contributes actively to the development of ITS and UWB communication standards in Europe and worldwide.

Actually the main activities of FBConsulting are in the domain of of ITS related communication systems standardization and regulation in close cooperation with the Car2Car-Communication Consortium.

Products & services

  • Standardisation
  • Research consulting
  • Regulation

Main customers / collaborations

  • VW
  • Bosch
  • Peugeot
  • Car2Car Communication Consortium

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Dr. Friedbert Berens


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FBConsulting S.à.r.l.
21, Route de Luxembourg
L-6633 Wasserbillig


Dr. Friedbert Berens
Tel.: +352 26714319

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