Motion-S S.A.

Motion-S S.A.

Core business

    • Insurance Telematics
    • Vehicle Telematics
    • Data Analytics

    Motion-S is a data science expert and tool developer focused on providing clear insights on mobility data. The firm uses scientific-based and cutting-edge data science techniques to exploit the power of data from multiple sources.
    The Motion-S technology gathers and processes large quantities of data. It applies artificial intelligence to find patterns, dependencies, and correlations to predict future events. Ultimately the Motion-S technology creates clear and unambiguous reports supporting decision-makers to plan, execute and manage:

    • Risk assessments
    • Driver Coaching
    • Data-driven insurances
    • Prediction of vehicle wear and maintenance
    • Fuel & CO deduction measures
    • Fleet planning & modernization
    • MaaS
    • Ride & car-sharing programs

Products & services

The Motion-S product offering consists of a cloud-based processing platform, smartphone apps, SDK for integration with existing customer apps and an API to connect dynamic and static data sources to the platform.

motion_S 1

A team of Motion-S data scientists and software architects performs system implementations and customization of dashboards. The Motions-S platform will run ‘as-a-service’ and keeps updating the visual analytics and reports with dynamic data.

Technical / technological capabilities

App development is made in Luxembourg.

  • Telematics
  • Proprietary algorithms to reward driving behaviour
  • Fleet management services

Main customers / collaborations

Sales regions:

  • Europe

Main collaborations:

  • University of Luxembourg / SnT

Main customers:

  • Insurance Companies
  • Leasing Companies
  • Corporates with large fleets
  • Retail companies

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Motion-S S.A.



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Motion-S S.A.
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