Core business

POST Luxembourg is Luxembourg’s leading telecommunications and information services company, with one of the most well-known names in Luxembourg. It was founded in 1842, and has operated as a public enterprise since 1992.

POST Luxembourg is the incumbent telecom operator of the Grand- Duchy of Luxembourg and as such serves all segments of the community and all ranges of society, from residential to large corporate customers, offering both fixed and mobile services. Challenges that apply in the local and wider market.

POST Luxembourg is also a founding partner in LU-CIX, the commercial Internet Ipv6 exchange.

The POST Luxembourg Group comprises 19 sub-companies offering a wide range of innovative and valuable solutions. Together this makes a staff headcount of more than 4,000 persons, making the POST Luxembourg Group the third largest employer in the Grand Duchy.


Products & services

Telecommunication Services

  • Analogical and digital telephony (ISDN)
  • Mobile network (POST Telecom SA)
  • LuxDSL
  • Alarmis
  • Internet Provisioning including Luxembourg’s first IPv6 commercial offerings
  • Voice over IP; managed services
  • An intelligent network
  • ATM and Mirroring
  • IPTV (Tele vun der Post), launched commercially in 2008 and including Video on Demand
  • TERALINK, Luxembourg’s International Broadband Network, launched in 2006
  • A Fibre Optic Network – In 2010, POST Luxembourg began laying an optical fibre network for all customers (LuxFibre) which will offer up to 100 Mbits/s

Complementary Services

Data Storage in 5 data centres across the country


Major AutoMobility projects

  • U-2010: FP6 project aiming at defining methods to establish communication for rescue workers in areas where there is none (remote locations with no network coverage, or where the existing network has been destroyed)
  • HNPS Project: set up to develop a heterogeneous network concept for future European Public Safety communications. This will be based on the integration of different networks, including ad hoc deployable systems. The project considered the latest developments in the area of next generation network architectures and network management.
  • DG-Trac in collaboration with the European Space Agency and other Luxembourg based partners, a feasibility study of Dangerous Goods Tracking in a specialised domain.
  • DG-Trac2 – the above feasibility study received a positive feedback from ESA, the supporting agency, and the project has been continued in a full deployment project that will last three years and will see the project proposal translated into a working business with real customers.


Technical / technological capabilities

Major means described in the Products & Services section.

Main customers / collaborations

POST Luxembourg serves all segments of the community and all ranges of society from residential to large corporate customers. Its major customers include the government of Luxembourg, as well as the largest financial institutions and the institutions of the European Union.

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Claude Strasser

Creation date



Total: 4,300

Organisation type

Large Enterprise


2015 : Total: €705.961 M


POST Luxembourg
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L-2020 Luxembourg


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Key Account Manager Enterprise Sales
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