e-Xstream engineering

e-Xstream engineering

Core business

e-Xstream engineering is a software and engineering services company 100% focused on state-of-the-art material solutions. It develops Digimat, the unique nonlinear multi-scale modeling material and structure modeling platform that addresses composite material suppliers’ and end users’ needs to design and manufacture innovative high-performances products while minimizing their weight, cost and time-to-market and MaterialCenter, the material data management system.

Products & services

Digimat, the Material Modelling Solution developed at e-Xstream, is a unique, unified and integrated composites simulation tool, available on the market today, offering complete capabilities to model the nonlinear multi-scale behavior of advanced materials.

Drawn from the collective experience of the world’s largest OEMs, MaterialCenter is the single point of entry for all materials related activities including physical test data entry and reduction, multi-scale materials modeling, approval workflow and the export of simulation ready data to analysis. This guarantees that engineers are using a consistent source of approved materials derived from traceable integrated processes, resulting in improved simulation fidelity, reduced data loss and elimination of tedious manual data management activities.

Major Materials & Manufacturing projects

  • Prediction of the thermo-elastic strength properties of tri-axial composite materials
  • Multi-Scale Modelling of Advanced 3D Composite Materials for Ultra-Light Antenna Application
  • APC, aiming at improving conception of aerospace structure through the use of composite materials
  • VirtualComp, aiming at developing powerful and robust modeling tools for complex industrial composite structures using continuous fibre


Technical / technological capabilities


e-Xstream helps material suppliers and end-users to:

  • Investigate and predict the behavior of a large mix of composite materials
  • Design & Manufacture Innovative High-Performance Composite Parts
  • Minimize weight, cost and time-to-market of optimal composite industrial parts
  • Improve prediction of structural FEA by accounting for manufacturing process
  • Reduce material testing and prototyping
  • Reduce material risk and turn it into a material strategy
  • Connect organization and provide a single source of data
  • Protect material IP

Main customers / collaborations

Confidential. A list can be provided upon request.

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