University of Luxembourg – Physics and Materials Science Dept: Energy Materials

University of Luxembourg – Physics and Materials Science Dept: Energy Materials

Core business

Photovoltaics, semiconductor physics / thin-film solar cells, inorganic synthesis of thin films, reactive annealing, electrodeposition, ionic liquids, nanoparticles

Our core business is fabricating and characterizing photovoltaic materials and devices. The aim of our laboratory is to use low cost synthesis processes to make high quality semiconductors for photovoltaic applications. We focus on inorganic compound semiconductors made via a two step precursor annealing route. We have particular expertise in electrodeposition of metals and semiconductors from aqueous and ionic liquids. We also study the effect of thermodynamics, kinetics, and microstructure on the annealing of precursor materials to form semiconductors. Our latest research uses a Laser to form semiconductor materials on the timescale of one second.

Products & services

  • Electrochemical deposition
  • Nanoparticle fabrication
  • Annealing of chalcogenide semiconductors (furnace, lamps, laser),
  • Semiconductor quality assessment – photoelectrochemistry

Major Materials & Manufacturing projects

  • Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells by electrodeposition and laser annealing
  • Cu2ZnSnSe4 solar cells by electrodeposition and thermal annealing
  • Cu(In,Ga)Se2 micro solar cells

We are currently focusing on understanding how precursors react during annealing to form semiconductor materials. To do this, the thermodynamics, kinetics, and precursor microstructure must be understood. A unique approach taken in our laboratory consists of using a LASER to perform the thermal annealing, decreasing the processing time from hours to a few seconds.

Technical / technological capabilities

Thin Film Photovoltaics

We are technologically capable of making chalcogenide semiconductor layers as well as electrodeposit thin films of metals and alloys. We further have the ability to make nanoparticles, work in an innert atmosphere, and test our semiconductor quality using a photoelectrochemical test.

Main customers / collaborations

  • Bosch
  • FP7 project SCALENANO
  • Fond National de la Recherche Luxembourg
  • National Science Foundation – USA

Most of our research projects are publically funded. We have carried out several short term projects with large international companies.

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University of Luxembourg – Physics and Materials Science Dept: Energy Materials


FSTM Dean: Jean-Marc Schlenker

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Public Research Organisation


Laboratory for Energy Materials
University of Luxembourg
Room G 1.48
41, rue du Brill
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Dr Phillip Dale
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