Core business

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is a mission-driven Research and Technology Organization (RTO) that develops advanced technologies and delivers innovative products and services to industry and society. As a major engine of the diversification and growth of Luxembourg’s economy through innovation, LIST supports the deployment of a number of solutions to a wide range of sectors, including energy, IT, telecommunications, environment, agriculture, and advanced manufacturing at national and European level. Thanks to its location in an exceptional collaborative environment, namely the Belval Innovation Campus, LIST accelerates time to market by maximizing synergies with different actors, including the university, the national funding agency and industrial clusters, such as the Luxembourg Material Cluster.

The MRT department carries out application-driven research in the following fields:

  • Nanomaterials: industry-scalable and/or unique production processes are used to fabricate innovative nanostructured materials for industrial applications with a very fine control of the composition, structure and architecture down to the atomic scale; transparent electronics
  • Multifunctional Ferroic Materials: the research is focused on 4 specific topics: Piezoelectrics & Piezotronics / Calorics / Photoferroelectrics & interaction with light / Atomistic Modelling;
  • Innovative processes to treat and functionalise surfaces and to deposit thin layers with optimised chemical, thermal, mechanical and physical properties;
  • Sustainable Multifunctional Polymeric & Composite Materials: Bio-based materials / Surfaces and interfaces / Design & Durability;
  • Design/development of scientific instruments using ultra-vacuum techniques, electrostatic optics and plasma physics, allowing developing unique analytical instruments and custom-designed surface treatment techniques that can be transferred directly to industry. Specific expertise in mass spectrometry.
  • Chemical-Physical Characterisation of materials, surfaces and interfaces down to the nanometre scale; range of mechanical testing, fire testing, aging under different climate conditions

Products & services

MRT provides its partners access to ultra-specialised technical platforms, and brings them the expertise of a multiple-discipline team of specialists in materials science, chemistry & physics. It provides a wide range of services to assist its customers, in all their materials and surfaces R&D projects and technological development work, as well as helping them with their day-to-day problems concerning materials.

Products and services include:

  • Research, development and innovation projects, including technological developments, for industries: Elaboration of innovative/multifunctional materials, nanomaterials, surfaces through industry-scalable processes;
  • Collaborative research with academic laboratories: MRT provides expertise in the fields of nanomaterials / nanotechnologies, surface treatments, multifunctional polymeric and composite materials, scientific instrumentation and materials analysis;
  • Analytical services: The range of skills and equipment enables MRT to provide effective support for root cause analysis, as well as in all phases of materials / products developments.

Major Materials & Manufacturing projects

Functional oxides, nano-particles, nano-composites, surface coatings, polymers, composites, news resins development, metal-composites joining, anti-corrosion plasma treatment, surface functionalization, advanced product characterization, modelling & simulation

Main customers / collaborations

More than 70 partners and customers including ACXYS Technologies, AGC Flatglass, Aixtron, Annealsys, ArcelorMittal, Cameca, Carl Zeiss, Circuit Foil, CNES, Dupont de Nemours, CEBI, ESA, FEI, Goodyear, Carlex, HEF, L’Oréal, Rotarex, Saint-Gobain, Viessmann, International Lacquers, Codipro

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Prof. Dr. Jens Kreisel

Creation date



150 (LIST - MRT) / 550 (LIST)

Organisation type

Public Research Centre


2015 : € 7.044.909,05 (LIST figures)

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LUXEMBOURG INSTITUT of Science and Technology
41, rue du Brill
L-4422 Belvaux



Emmanuel Bidaine
Tel: +352 275 888 4 536

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