Ai Mediq S.A.

Ai Mediq S.A.

Core business

Ai Mediq is a Luxembourg-based medical technology company, that develops novel non-pharmacological therapeutic solutions leveraging positive treatment effects of high altitude (hypoxic) exposure, medical devices for Intermittent Hypoxic Treatment and medical software algorithms for this type of treatment.

Ai Mediq is the first company in the world which commercialized the of idea of use of physiological effects of adaptation to short term episodes of hypoxia for treatment purposes. In 2014, the company developed a medical device called ReOxy® for provision of an innovative breathing therapy method Intermittent Hypoxic Hyperoxic Treatments (IHHT) with a biological feedback SRT® (Self-Regulated Treatment) technology.

The current business model of the Company bases on distribution of ReOxy® devices via regionally exclusive distributors worldwide


Products & services

The ReOxy® is innovative breathing therapy medical device which treats CVD patients with individually selected oxygen gas mixtures (low or high level of oxygen) adjusted in real time during the procedure. ReOxy® safely increases physical capacity  without physical exercise, improves cardiovascular risk factors profile and quality of life in cardiac patients including senior patients, patients with severely decreased functional capabilities and physical disabilities. The disruptive innovation lies in its ability to provide personalised treatment for each patient by utilising unique patented technique IHHT® under biofeedback control.

ReOxy is the only medical device for IHHT in the world approved by TUV Rheinland for professional use by healthcare facilities.

The principal target market for ReOxy® is cardiac rehabilitation. Second key market – dementia and cognitive impairment.

Major HealthTech projects

Ai Mediq has performed a series of clinical studies which demonstrated that hypoxia-based therapy is beneficial in treatment of a variety of diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders and dementia.

The Company is currently conducting a number of clinical trials and planning to launch two other clinical trials in Europe in order to increase the number of intended uses of ReOxy® device and commercialize the device via reimbursement system in Europe.

  • Development of a new technology for dosing hypoxic load – SRT® technology (Self Regulate Treatment technology)
  • Development of a new treatment method based on adaptive response to hypoxia.
  • Development of a medical device for treatment patient with individually dosed levels of oxygen gas mixtures
  • ReOxy® treatment: a new therapeutic method to improve cognitive function and physical capacity of elderly dementia patients

Main customers / collaborations

  • University of Innsbruck
  • Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin and Centre for Stroke Research Berlin
  • Istituti Clinici Scientifici Maugeri Pavia (Italy)
  • Eurac Research Bolzano
  • Universitat Wurzburg; Fachklinik Ghersburg für GeriatrischeRehabilitation;
  • IRCCS San Raffaele Pisana Hospital Ospedale S. Luca;
  • IRCCS, Istituto Auxologico Italiano; Clinic of Prevention and Rehabilitation Paracelsus Medical

Looking for

We are actively engaging leading cardiovascular and hypoxia researchers and commercial partners. Ai Mediq also offers safe and convenient devices to assist intermittent hypoxia research.

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Ai Mediq S.A.


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