Core business

Hanalytics Pte Ltd (BioMind®) is a deeptech company specialising in healthcare. The company builds advanced AI technology and creates predictive applications to assist doctors diagnose medical conditions and recommend treatments. The company has a strong team of over 60 in-house deep learning scientists, medical experts, and research advisors from prestigious hospitals and universities.

In December 2018, BioMind® establish the world’s first and largest AI research centre for neurological diseases. The research centre, CNCRC-Hanalytics Artificial Intelligence Research Centre for Neurological Disorders (CHAIN), researches and develops AI applications covering a wide spectrum of areas including brain tumors, vascular diseases, genetics, patient rehabilitation, pathology amongst many other conditions.

Products & services

BioMind® is a state-of-the-art diagnostic support system that uses deep learning technology to analyse MRI and CT images. It automatically recommends a diagnosis and report for doctors to review – all within seconds. The efficiency gains are significant when compared to the usual 1 hour or more doctors usually take for  analysis and reporting.


Technical / technological capabilities

BioMind®  is jointly developed by over 200 world-renowned medical specialists and deep learning experts and trained on the earth’s largest collection of biopsy-validated images “the ground truth”. Its signature feature includes analysing neurological disorders such as brain tumours, vascular diseases and stroke-related medical conditions – which take up majority of the conditions determined through medical imaging With the application of AI technology, not only can BioMind® analyse a large spectrum of neurological conditions, its technology can also be upgraded to analyse medical conditions of other body systems. BioMind® also has sophisticated image processing features like image segmentation and 3D reconstruction to assist in surgeries.

Cleverly developed, BioMind® has the ability to self-learn and improve through cycles of predictions and doctors’ revisions. This ability in turns assists doctors to reduce misdiagnosis and blind spots and improve efficiency of medical processes.

Main customers / collaborations

BioMind®’s key customer that can be disclosed include Beijing Tiantan Hospital, a global leader in neurology and neurosurgery. BioMind® is being used in the radiology and A&E department for tumour and stroke detection and diagnoses.

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Extending Life with Artificial Intelligence


Raymond Moh is the founder and CEO of BioMind® and the co-founder of CHAIN, the world’s largest AI research center developing AI applications from diagnosis to treatment for neurological disorders. Raymond graduated from the prestigious National University of Singapore’s Engineering Double Degree Program and has served as a scholar and technology advisor in big data engineering since 2008. From FinTech to HealthTech, he has advised over 50 organisations to achieve high growth rate and productivity driven by technology adoptions.

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Certifications & qualifications

We are the award-winning team for healthcare technology competition organised by Ministry of Health Holdings, Singapore. BioMind® is also the only company in the world to be selected as the lead for setting AI standard for radiotherapy treatment through the AI standard committee established by ITU-WHO.

Trading area

Luxembourg, Greater Region, Europe, International

International locations

Europe, Asia


House of Biohealth 27-29, rue Henri Koch L-4354 Esch/Alzette, Luxembourg



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