Core business

Cellon provides products and services to the vaccine production and bioprocessing industries, including the manufacture of:

  • PharmaTainers — sterile, single use bottles and carboys for the storage and transport of bulk vaccines, biopharmaceuticals, culture media and other biotech materials that are certified to USP 788, EP 2.9.19 and JP 14th ed. Part 1 sect 24 criteria for particulate in injectable liquids;
  • Octopus Assemblies — custom assemblies developed to meet specific customer requirements for closed liquid transfer solutions.


Products & services

Cellon’s areas of expertise include mammalian cell culture processes, 3D tissue culture, tissue engineering, storage and transport of sterile liquids and vacuum measurement.

Major HealthTech projects

Cellon undertakes a wide range of collaborative development projects with customers to develop custom solutions to their specific requirements for asceptic liquid transfer.

In addition, Cellon is coordinating the EU Seventh Framework Programme for research and technological development (FP7) project SpeCCC and is participating in the NEXT project supported by the FP7 under Grant Agreement n° HEALTH.2013.1.3-2-602235.

The core objective of the SpeCCC project is to develop specialised 3D functional liver cell carrier components for use in homogeneous scalable bioreactor systems, including specialised liver cell lines, specialised cell carriers, a bioartificial liver device (BAL), a multibioreactor platform format for drug testing and biotransformations and a multiwall plate system incorporating specialised carrier components for drug testing and toxicity testing.

The NEXT project “Nano Engineering for Cross Tolerance: new approach for bioengineered, vascularised, chimeric islet transplantation in nonimmunosuppressed hosts” aims to develop the next generation of chimeric pancreatic islet for diabetes 1 treatment. NEXT will provide a 360° solution to the pitfalls of current methodology for pancreatic islet transplantation:

  • nano technologies, to engineer donor cell surfaces in order to derange recognition and suppress their rejection;
  • advanced tissue engineering methods, to assemble bio synthetic islet, enriched by chimeric microvasculature; and
  • innovative double immune-suppressive strategy using immunosuppressive nano peptides.


Technical / technological capabilities

Clean manufacture (particle free) of single use disposables.

The Rotary Cell Culture System from Synthecon is a unique bioreactor system. The RCCS creates an environment that enables extremely fragile cell cultures and co-cultures of human and animal cells to grow into complex, sophisticated three-dimensional models in vitro. The cultures mimic the structure and function of their parental tissue.

The RollerCell 40 is a roller bottle processing system. It has been designed to automate all stages of roller bottle based cell culture — from cell inoculation, incubation, media change and tryptinisation through to final harvest.

The EggMaster III egg cutting and harvesting system provides fast and effective inspection and processing of inoculated, embryonated eggs for the biotechnology industry.

The VacTester XK systems have been developed to provide rapid, reliable and non destructive detection and quantification of vacuum within vials of parenteral drugs.

Octopus Assemblies are custom designed assemblies for biopharma manufacturers.PharmaTainers are manufactured in a state of the art ISO class 5 (class 100) environment and batch release tested by liquid particle count technology to enable certification to meet USP 788 EP 2.9.19 and JP 14th ed. Part 1 sect 24 criteria for particulate in injectable liquids.

Octopus Assemblies is custom-designed for biofunctional manufacturers. Octopus Assemblies are manufactured at an ISO 9001/2000, BS EN ISO 13485:2003, FDA registered facility in a BS ISO 14644-1:1999 ISO Class 7 (Class 10,000) Cleanroom.

Main customers / collaborations

Cellon is an established supplier to many of the largest biopharma, human and animal vaccine manufactures in Europe and worldwide.

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