Laboratoires Réunis

Laboratoires Réunis

Core business

Laboratoires Réunis (LR) is the largest independent private laboratory for medical analyses in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. The headquarters are located in Junglinster where all the analyses are carried out to international quality standards. It was the first laboratory for medical analysis in Luxembourg to be ISO 15189 accredited and it has been distinguished with the national Quality Award labelled “Sur la Voie de l’Excellence”.

The activities of LR cover almost the entire domain of clinical biology and microbiology. A part of its activities are focused on applied research, especially in the domains of genetics, microbiology and infectious diseases. LR also carries out special analyses in the field of preventive medicine and of chronic functional diseases. LR gets samples from all over the world.


Products & services

Laboratoires Réunis has developed a nationwide network of 50 blood withdrawal centres. Blood withdrawal services are also offered at home and in companies. Molecular diagnostics of infectious diseases — LR provides a large catalogue of analyses based on multiplexed Real-Time-PCR and development of new diagnostic assays in cooperation with Fast-track Diagnostics (FTD) Luxembourg.

Preventive genetic tests — to improve health in terms of nutrition, lifestyle and treatment.

Environmental medicine

Major HealthTech projects

International cooperation in preventive medicine with healthcare practitioners, laboratory testing services, distributors and medical spas. Collaboration for clinical studies with international in-vitro-diagnostic companies.

Laboratoires Réunis actively contributes to applied research on clinical studies in the field of microbiology in collaboration with the universities in Frankfurt and Glasgow, as well as on genetic research in collaboration with the University of Homburg-Saar.

Technical / technological capabilities

  • Fully automated analysis of most routine parameters;
  • clinical chemistry, hematology, hemostasis, immunology, microbiology, virology, etc.;
  • real-time PCR;
  • multiplexed PCR;
  • mass spectrometry.

biohealth_catalogue_2016_v01_pages2Analytical chain for clinical routine analysis.

Main customers / collaborations

  • National & international health care providers´;
  • Laboratoire National de Santé;
  • Laboratoire Luxembourgeois de Contrôle Sanitaire (LLuCS);
  • Ministry of Health;
  • Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH);
  • Deutsches Zentrum für Individualisierte Prävention und Leistungsverbesserung (DZIP);
  • Advanced Biological Laboratories (ABL).

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Laboratoires Réunis


Prof. Dr med Bernard Weber

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Laboratoires Réunis
38, rue Hiehl - Z.A.C. Laangwiss
L-6131 Junglinster


Dr Martin Schöndorf
Tel: +352 78 02 90 1

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