Core business

Arspectra is specialized in the design and supply of medical augmented reality technology.

The rising amount of patient data and diagnostic information that support the surgeons during their practice requires them to shift their attention and concentration away from the patient and wound. The human interpretation, comprehension and mapping of this additional information forms the limiting and crucial bottleneck in terms of precision and time-efficiency of today’s most advanced procedures.

By projecting relevant data and images in the direct sight of the surgeons, Arspectra’s fully see-through glasses allow the physicians to stay focused on the actual wound. Arspectra hereby solves the need of surgeons to keep concentrated on the patient and wound. Simultaneously, the technology facilitates the physicians’ interpretation and use of the medical data and information.

Products & services

Proprietary glasses are developed in close collaboration with surgeons and enable a very flexible integration of various sub-technologies. Arspectra offers adapted solutions leading to increased performances, lower costs, and better patient outcomes to different surgical scenarios. Due to the technologic novelty, current standards can be disrupted by unprecedented advantages and very competitive prices.

Technical / technological capabilities

Design and development of medical Augmented Reality hardware platforms.

Support software enabling partners to integrate medical AR applications.


Main customers / collaborations

Various types of physicians and surgeons in need of enhanced surgical navigation.

Collaborations and partnerships with various European research and healthcare institutions.

Looking for

Development partnerships in software, hardware, and medical applications to broaden the range and possibilities of medical AR solutions.

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Creation date

June 2018


1 - 10

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Trading area



Arspectra S.à.r.l
Technoport Admin, Rue Du Commerce
L-3895 Foetz,


Cedric Spaas

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