C2 Pharma

C2 Pharma

Core business

C² PHARMA is a Luxembourg-based pharmaceutical group established in 2014. It manufactures and distributes active pharmaceutical ingredients (APls) and complex chemical compounds obtained from natural and synthetic origins. It supplies more than 100 pharmaceutical companies across the United States, Western and Eastern Europe, South America, Asia, Middle-East and Africa.

Products & services

The current API product portfolio includes atropine, digoxin, homatropine, pilocarpine, and N-butylbromide scopolamine/hyoscine (SNBB).

C² PHARMA is expert at helping pharmaceutical companies streamline their product portfolio by acquiring and/or managing their APIs and drug products which are:

  • non-core
  • below critical mass
  • difficult to manufacture
  • challenging to distribute

C2 PHARMA also offers customized cold-chain logistics solutions through its specialized affiliate Logistics4Pharma (logistics4pharma.com), as well as R&D-scale contract synthesis services, analytical services, phytochemical profiling and impurities manufacturing through its affiliate ASM Research Chemicals (asm-research-chemicals.de).

Major HealthTech projects

C2 PHARMA is currently expanding its portfolio of products through internal developments and key partnerships.

A full list of C2 PHARMA’s R&D pipeline can be found here: https://www.c2pharma.com/rd-pipeline/.

C2 PHARMA and ANKLAM EXTRAKT® announce R&D collaboration to develop cannabidiol-based compounds. Please read the full news here: https://www.c2pharma.com/news/c2-pharma-and-anklam-extrakt-announce-rd-collaboration/.

C2 PHARMA Theracule AS are entering into a strategic partnership focused on supporting Theracule’s new drug development programs aimed at rare neurodevelopmental disorders. The programs are based on a plant-derived API and a botanical extract which C2 PHARMA is having manufactured for Theracule (full news: www.c2pharma.com/news/c2-pharma-leads/).

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C2 Pharma


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Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

T +352 28 26 1100

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