LiveMetric (Medical) S.A.

LiveMetric (Medical) S.A.

Core business

LiveMetric is a life-improving and condition management technology and service, focused on cardiac and vascular response diseases. The Company’s offering is based on a breakthrough, world’s first Continuous non-invasive Blood Pressure (CniBP) technology, accompanied by other key health metrics. The Company operates within healthcare providers, healthcare insurers and payors, and retail across the world.  


Products & services

LiveMetric focuses on a service methodology, designed to transform management of chronic conditions such as hypertension and heart failure, by empowering users with fact-based analytics, engagement interface, and physician reporting module. 

LiveMetric product, a wrist-worn device that connects to a secured cloud, features proprietary sensor technology, signal processing and AI-based clinically-validated algorithms. The device delivers high fidelity arterial pressure waveforms, as well as detailed activity mapping of the user, anytime, while awake and active and when asleep, all in a non-invasive manner.

Major HealthTech projects

Releasable upon discussion and demand.

Technical / technological capabilities

Artificial Intelligence, Signal Processing, Biophysics of blood flow and blood pressure/ cardiology and hypertension, embedded devices, sensor technologies, integrated system and hardware design, real time software, payor-based service methodologies, medical device regulation, clinical studies.

Main customers / collaborations

Homedics Inc. (MI, USA), Homedics UK (UK)

Boots Walgreens, United Health Group (USA)

NYU Hospital, Northwestern Medicine Hospital, Hospital of University of Chicago


Looking for

Seeking clinical / research partners to conduct deep diagnostics studies in Luxembourg in the fields of cardiology and hypertension.

Partners in clinical cloud platforms and data exchange protocols that are cleared by regulation in US and Europe or in process to obtain such regulation clearance

Any initiative that could support our business or grow its reach to other segments, territories, or applications.

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LiveMetric (Medical) S.A.

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