Core business

Myelin-H is a neurotechnology company empowering health professionals with software technology to help them perform real-time & remote monitoring and diagnostics of neurological diseases. We specifically focus on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson’s Disease (PD) but our product is scalable towards different brain disorders.

Products & services


Our “BrainMirror” product is a revolutionary “neuro-nurse on-demand” technology that is a combination of:

  • Wearable Sensors (Myelin-H toolkit): CE-certified and FDA-cleared sensors to capture various biosignals.
  • Myelin-H Mobile App: Our app is used to receive, encode, and stream medical data to our cloud-based software engine.
  • Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Software: Our neural interface software is capable of processing and interpreting patients’ collected biosignals in real-time, as well as translating them into detailed medical reports for health professionals.
  • Clinical Dashboard: Our clinical dashboard is used to share insights, results, and recommendations with health professionals, allowing them to make timely and remote medical decisions anytime anywhere.

Technical / technological capabilities


Main customers / collaborations

Our main customers are hospitals and biopharma companies.

  • Testimonials:
    • Helios Park Clinic Leipzig    helios
      • “We believe that Myelin-H technology might be of significant clinical value and is addressing unmet clinical needs with regards to the remote real-time monitoring of Parkinson’s disease in the elderly. As a result, we are happy to collaborate with Myelin-H on their clinical trials, and we would be willing to consider purchasing Myelin-H proposed solution for our patients, once it is medically certified.”
    • NYU lingone medical center nyc
      • “Myelin-H is rapidly advancing towards the solution for remote diagnosis and detection of real-time change in the many aspects of neurological functioning that can be affected by the often devastating multiple sclerosis disease. This technology would be of high value both clinically and for research application. I believe that their advances are of significant clinical value towards addressing the unmet needs for our patients.”

Looking for

  • Seed Investment
  • Clinical Partners

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