Ama Mundu Technologies

Ama Mundu Technologies

Core business

Ama Mundu Technologies helps you divide and enhance your liquid effluents (slurry, manure, methanisation sludge, digestate): From this, Ama Mundu Technologies extracts pure water and enhanced substances

Products & services

Ama Mundu Technologies offers :

1/ ecological and economical draining equipment and services with clean water and enhanced, valuable products being extracted from liquid manures

2/ on-site digestate separation equipment and services, with enhancement of the water and the different products extracted.

Major CleanTech projects

Reduce or remove manure spreading is now possible with Ama Mundu Technologies’ innovation. Bredders recover, in exchange, fertilisers enhanced in phosphorus and in nitrogen. They also get pure water in large quantities.

Technical / technological capabilities

Water extraction, phosphorus extraction, manure valorisation.


Main customers / collaborations

Biogas producers and farmers

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Marcel Wilwert

Trading area

Greater Region


Ama Mundu Technologies
2 rue du Commerce
L-3895 Foetz


Marcel Wilwert

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