Core business

Apateq provides reliable water and wastewater treatment solutions by means of the combination of established membrane filtration technologies with unique process technologies at the highest levels in terms of performance, quality, safety and economic value as well as ecological efficiency. These technologies are designed to, depending on the raw water characteristics and effluent water requirements, reduce or at best eliminate the usage of chemical additives thus reducing operational costs and sustaining the environment.

Major CleanTech projects

OilPaq, oil-water separation

Technical / technological capabilities

Apateq develops, designs and manufactures water and wastewater treatment plants based on the combination of field-proven membrane filtration and proprietary process technology. Main customers / collaborations As of today, Apateq sold its solutions to customers in the USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, Denmark and Luxembourg. Products and services “OilPaq” is Apateq’s one-stop solution for the treatment of frac flowback, produced water and brine generated from oil and gas production. Without requiring chemicals for the separation process, the turnkey plants produce an effluent suitable for reuse, reinjection for enhance oil and gas recovery, direct discharge or irrigation.

The “WaterPaq” treats municipal wastewater in a decentralised way by means of containerized systems that can handle from 10m3/day to 120m3/day. Effluent from the WaterPaq complies with the toughest international regulations for direct discharge. Alternatively, the plant can be customised in order to produce water for reuse purposes, such as washing, cooling or irrigation. The WaterPaq ideally suited for operating at remote locations, even in environmentally sensitive landscapes such as environmental protection zones in Canada.

With the “MarinePaq” for the treatment of scrub water, resulting from the washing of exhaust gases generated during combustion in the engines of large ships, Apateq entered a new market, offering a first and breakthrough solution that is outstanding on the market. The MarinePaq is available for on board and onshore operation. When implementing the MarinePaq technology for their fleet, shipping companies can benefit from a very fast Return on Investment (ROI) of typically only months. The performance of Apateq’s MarinePaq is in compliance with present and future legislation, as the modular design of the system easily allows not only capacity increases but also performance increases.

Apateq’s “LeachPaq” is a complete solution for the treatment of landfill leachate, combining proprietary process technologies with high efficiency ultrafiltration and activated carbon filtration. Leachate consists of liquids created by organic and inorganic waste decomposition and rainwater seeping into the landfill and is typically highly leaded with COD, BOD, ammonium, pesticides and partial heavy metals. To protect surrounding soil, ground water and surface water, safe disposal of the leachate is undeniably an environmental challenge. By means of the LeachPaq, the contaminants can be reliably removed at low operational costs.

All Apateq systems are designed for a 24/7 operation with highest degree of automation.

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Innovative, chemicals-free treatment of extremely difficult to treat wastewater and process water


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