RV Sarl

RV Sarl

Core business

RV Sarl is a newly incorporated social company whose main purpose is to sell a fashion line to help fight child labour and to support education.

Summary of Business Model:

  • Circular economy, one-stop-shop concept that will be offered to the customer from raw material to end of life of clothing.
  • Offering a new purpose and a new experience when buying clothing. With every item you buy, you are contributing to the elimination of child labour while supporting the education of a child in need.
  • A percentage of profits will be given to NGOs working to eliminate child labour and supporting education. Estimated to be on average 40% of profit.
  • Online sales

The project will support United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 and 12.

Main customers / collaborations

Main customer target:

European countries

Middle-to-high income

  • 1st Segment: 16-30 years old who are normally more conscious about environmental and social issues
  • 2nd Segment: more than 30 years old with a different line of products.


RV Sarl seeks to:

  • Collaborate with NGOs with specific programmes for child labour elimination
  • Partner with NGOs in India, which is the second largest country in the world for garment industry production

Products and services

The idea is to promote RV Sarl's online platform in order to increase the awareness of non-sustainable fashion and to promote the importance of sustainable fashion.

Major EcoInnovation projects

The purpose of the project is to twofold – to promote the idea of the sustainable fashion industry and to try and solve the problems created by the non sustainable fashion industry – through social impact and with donations:

  • By making a very simple and tangible proposition about the potential social impact
  • By donating part of the profits from the products sold online towards finding solutions and to support the environment environment and social issues, as a purposes to sell and buy.
  • White label sustainable basic products (T-shirts, polos, shirts, caps...) will be purchased based on best certificates such as GOTS, FairTrade, organic...
  • Designs from artists will be commissioned which will then be printed on t-shirts and embroider logo on shirts, polos...
  • To label items with transparent information about cost, impact of the donation, designer, printer and who made the clothes.
  • loads

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Rosa Villalobos

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RV Sarl
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Rosa Villalobos

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