Chaux de Contern

Chaux de Contern

Core business

Chaux de Contern is a manufacturer of different concrete products. We produce 350.000 tons of concrete every year. Our products range from bricks for 4 different countries, sewer pipes, paving stones to special products.

Products & services

Our products include bricks and block in Luxemburgish, German, Belgian and French format. Also paving stones in a variety of colors and dimensions, concrete sewer pipes and special products made of concrete for example furniture, sanitary installations and decorative pieces.

Major CleanTech projects

  • One of our innovative projects is to integrate our paving stones into a circular economy. This means whenever a place gets renewed, we take the old paving stones, break them and reuse them in the production to create new ones. This way the material is used multiple times instead of being wasted.
  • This principle is going to be used also for concrete bricks and blocks. So a new building can be created with resources of an old one.
  • To prevent the need to break and recreate the blocks we are designing a new form. This form should function as a LEGO stone which is able to create a wall without the use of any mortar joints and dismantle the wall without destroying it.
  • To reduce the CO2 emissions of the production we are planning on using clays (argiles) to replace the cement, which is the main responsible for the CO2 emissions. These clays are a waste product of quarries in Luxemburg.
  • We plan on adding a life cycle calculation, which also shows the CO2 emissions for every product. Therefore we give our best to reduce these emissions as much as possible.
  • In regards to insulation materials we are producing a stone which is completely biodegradable, this stone consists of lime and hemp. New stones with other biological resources like Miscanthus are also in planning.
  • A more high tech alternative for our insulating stones is the combination of aerogels and perlite to our existing and new bricks and blocks. Later on a combination of hemp and aerogels will be tested to improve the insulating values of the stone.
  • Another more experimental material is created by reusing old concrete parts or clays and creating a slurry which can then be formed into the desired shape. This material has good values in regards to insulating and fire resistance.
  • We also plan on expanding our range of smart concretes (IOT). There are already parking sensors integrated into concrete slabs. Future ideas are to add more signal transmission and sensor devices into our products.

Technical / technological capabilities

Concrete mold pressing with multiple layers, pipe production with counter-rotting pressing tools, different treatments for pavement surfaces and other special molding processes for concrete products.

Technical means / equipment

Mold presses, counter-rotating and pressing tools for pipes up to 3m. Carpenter for creation of special molds. Laboratory

Main customers / collaborations

A wide array of private and public construction companies.


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Eric Kluckers

Creation date



100 - 249


€ 32M

R&D investments

Over € 3M form 2015-2017

Trading area


International locations

Greater Region


Chaux de Contern
Rue des chaux
5324 Contern



Carlo Spina
Head of construction, green building and innovation
Tel :+352 35 88 11 224
Tel :+352 621 551 970


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