EREN Groupe

EREN Groupe

Core business

EREN Groupe is dedicated to natural resource efficiency. Its subsidiary EREN Industries coordinates the industrial activities of the group, while EREN Renewable Energy is developing and investing in renewable energy projects at the global level.

Products & services

  • the instrumentation, monitoring and maintenance optimization of your structures w ith a te chnology of optical strand; detection of seismic risks (by OSMOS)
  • wastewater and sewage treatment by evapo concentration (2 applications: Aquastill et Ecostill) (by TMW)
  • treatment of sludge and effluents with 2 technologies: SLG and SOPHYS (by Orège)
  • manufacturing and installation of cold management and storage systems and thermal solar energy for the industrial and tertiary sectors; the technologies used are the Icebat and swimming pools' solar collectors (by Fafco)
  • Cryogel is specialized in the thermal energy storage for: Air Conditioning, "district cooling" and Gas turbine (the technology used is "ice spray")

Main customers / collaborations

  • OSMOS: Manhattan Bridge and Champlain Bridge, The Eiffel Tower; Arcelor Mittal in Germany - FAFCO Total (Pau), Madison Hotel (Hamburg) and Hospital of Val de Grâce (Paris)
  • CRYOGEL: World Trade Center in Sao Paulo, Geneva Aerogare, Sport Hub in Singapour, exhibition center in south Korea
  • TMW Canon, Ovive, Microsol, Aora Solar
  • OREGE CH2M (Allentown, PA); paper industry (Ehingen)

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Pierre Dagallier

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72.625.768 Euro

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International locations

Europe, Africa, Asia


EREN Groupe
4 rue Willy Goergen
L-1636 Luxembourg


Nathalie Rehm

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