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The overarching research theme of INCEEN (Institute of Civil Engineering and Environment) is solving scientific questions and developing new scientific and technical methods for sustainable civil structures and environmental facilities. There are four research axes: structure and building materials, building information modelling, infrastructural planning and management, and energy consumption.

The aim of these research axes is to contribute to solving sustainability challenges of the built environment sector responsible for a large amount of CO2 emissions and resource consumption. Products and services Therefore, major environmental challenges based on notions of sustainability and life cycle analysis are reflected in the ultimate environmental goals of the institute: reduction in the consumption of energy and natural resources and in CO2 production.

Thus the following three major fields are covered:

  1. Fundamental research with special regard of the civil engineering context, like Numerical Analyses and Construction Materials Research,
  2. Research on Engineering Structures and Bridges considering material, design & construction
  3. Research in the infrastructural domain with water management and traffic, urban & spatial planning.
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Prof. Rainer Klump


10 - 49

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Public research organisation

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University of Luxembourg
6, rue Coudenhove Kalergi
L-1359 Luxembourg


Danièle Waldmann
Head of INCEEN
Professor at the University of Luxembourg department Institute of Civil Engineering and Environment (INCEEN)
Tel : +352 46 66 44 52 79

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